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All Hardware Support will be given by the manufacturing company on its terms and conditions. Please call on given number and get the support.

*Toll or Toll Free Numbers
1.HCL Desktop 1860-180-0425
2.HCL Laptop1860-180-0425
3.HCL Tablet1860-180-0425
4.HP Desktop1800-425-7737
5.HP Laptop1800-425-7737
6.HP Tablet1800-425-7737
7.HP Printer1800-425-8999
8.Acer Desktop1800-103-3311
9.Acer Laptop1800-103-3311
10.Dell Desktop1800-425-0088
11.Dell Laptop1800-425-0088
12.Sony Vaio Laptop1800-103-7799
13.Asus Laptop1800-209-0365
14.Lenovo Desktop1800-419-4666
15.Lenovo Desktop1800-419-4666
16.Lenovo Tablet1800-208-7555
17.Samsung Printer1800-110-011
18.Canon Printer1800-180-3366
19.TVS Printer1800-200-5123
20.EPSON Printer1800-425-0011
21.EPSON Projector1800-425-0011
*Number will be change any time without any prior notification


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